Astrophysicist and Space Telecommunications Engineer Umut Yıldız, PhD of NASA visited New York Ataturk School

On February 8, 2020, astrophysicist and space telecommunications engineer Umut Yıldız, PhD of NASA visited New York Ataturk School and had an enjoyable interesting conversation with our students. His scientific research focuses on observational star formation and molecular clouds. You can find more detailed information about his work on his personal website

We would like to thank Umut Yıldız, PhD for his visit to New York Ataturk School and his willingness to share his knowledge about a very engaging topic for our students.

TWLA 2020 I. Education Panel by Attorney Ayhan Ogmen

Turkish Women’s League of America 2020 Educational Seminars started with Attorney Ayhan Ogmen’s presentation. The covered subjects were: US Immigration law, Green Card applications, upcoming changes to Visa practices, inheritance, divorce and international business practices. We would like to thank Ayhan Ogmen for this valuable presentation.

Gürer Aykal visited TWLA Atatürk School

Gürer Aykal, one of the most important conductors of Turkey and the world, visited Atatürk School on January 4, 2020 and met with our students and parents. A great program was conducted with a concert by the Atatürk School students. We would like to thank Mr. Gürer Aykal for his visit to our school and to Ms. Sermin Özçilingir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TWLA, for their contribution to the happening of this event.

New Manhattan Sinfonietta founded by Mr. Gürer Aykal will proudly perform “Anatolian Inspirations” at Carnegie Hall on February 8, 2020. Tickets can be purchased here.