TWLA Educational Panel by Prof. Dr. Selçuk Şirin on his book “Yetişin Çocuklar”

On our last educational panel of the season, TWLA hosted Prof. Dr. Selçuk Şirin at Ataturk School. After his presentation about the education and development of children, he presented his book “Yetişin Çocuklar” to the audience. He then kindly answered to all the questions directed by the parents. We extend our thanks to Prof. Dr. Selçuk Şirin for this valuable panel.

9th TWLA Educational Panel by Dr. Defne Nayman on “Antiaging and Aesthetics”

On Saturday May 11th, 2019 , we held our 9th educational panel and we hosted Dr. Defne Nayman. We would like extend our thanks to her for her informative presentation on Antiaging and Aesthetics.

Dr. Defne Nayman graduated from TED Ankara College in 1985 and completed her education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1991. She started to work as an assistant at Boston University-Carney Hospital Internal Medicine Department in 1992. In 1996, she completed her Emergency Medicine Specialization in St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center Emergency Department. Afterwards, she received the Board Certificate from “American Board of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine” and Advanced Esthetics Board Certificate from “American Academy of Procedural Medicine” in Aesthetics. She is currently working at the Metropolitan Hospital Medical Center and is a consultant and physician on Antiaging and Aesthetics.

8th Annual “April 23rd International Children’s Day Festival” in Honor of National Sovereignty & Children’s Day

TWLA Ataturk School and Turkish Women’s League of America celebrated 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 27, 2018. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the honorable Alper Aktas, the New York Consul General of the Republic of Turkey and His Excellency İsmet Korukoğlu, the Representative of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Mr. Emre Manav, Deputy Consul General at Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in New York, Mr. Rauf Alp Denktaş, First Counselor/Deputy Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations, Mrs. Bilge Koçyiğit Grba, Counselor to the Turkish Mission at the United Nations and all the Turkish dignitaries who joined us at the event. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone who made this great event possible, especially to the teachers of the Atatürk School. Our students shined like stars, they performed beautifully.

TWLA 8th Educational Panel by Dr. Özlem Bozdağı Günal on “Effect of Substance Abuse on Brain Development in Adolescence”

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, we hosted Özlem Bozdağı Günal at our eight educational panels. We would like to thank her for her presentation on the “Effect of Substance Abuse on Brain Development in Adolescence”.

Özlem Bozdağı Günal, MD, PhD, is a faculty member at Rutgers New Jersey School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. After receiving her MD degree from Hacettepe University in Turkey, she received her PhD in Pharmacology and completed her post-doctoral work at Duke University and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. She has over thirty articles, 2 patents and various awards published in refereed scientific journals. Dr. Günal’s field of study is to understand the molecular mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders, including autism and addiction behavior, and to define treatment goals.